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Abdul-Rahman Abdullah is a Social Entrepreneur, a prominent Thought Leader in the field of Mindfulness & Consciousness, Founder of the Field of Awakening & Author of the 9Design. Abdul-Rahman's life mission is to be your catalyst for change & transformation - triggering the thoughts, emotions, and actions you need to activate your full potential and design the life your heart desires.

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah spent years studying “Life Design & Creation'' as well as Mind Mastery Sciences with some of the biggest organizations & gurus in the World.Through this he developed his unique teaching methodology, that helped and is still helping his students/clients regardless of purpose, whether personal or professional to uncover their true mission towards themselves and towards life.

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah has a considerable track record of success, having helped more than 3000 of his students/clients build their capacities and manage their journeys of change and transformation. No matter what the purpose for change or transformation is - whether it’s work, intimacy, relationships, health, success, money, parenting or something else of importance to you - AA’s “Life Design” teachings will help you gain the clarity, courage, and deep understanding you need to create the life you desire and deserve.

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

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