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Create Your New Reality

Welcome to the journey of transformation and empowerment that I, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, have crafted with the deepest intention to support your journey toward manifesting your fullest potential and desired reality

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Unlock Your Full Potential With the 9DESIGN Program!

Are you ready to stop playing small and step into the reality you've always dreamed of? If you answered yes, it's time to 9DESIGN your life! Life can be full of obstacles like limiting beliefs, stress, and financial challenges, pushing us into survival mode. This state of fear and scarcity keeps us stuck and disconnected from our true purpose. But you can break free. The 9DESIGN Program is a proven technique that helps individuals and organizations create a new reality. By activating nine innate powers, this experiential and practical approach empowers you to overcome what's holding you back.

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As an individual, your key benefit and reward from the program is that you will be able to understand where you stand in life and why. Then you will be empowered with lots of learning and training to  9DESIGN your new life and any aspect of it, whether it is relationships, family, health, career, new business ideas, or anything you can imagine.


If you are an organization, the 9DESIGN program is no longer a luxury but a necessity for your success. Whatever your goals are, whether they are human capital development or managing transformation, you can 9DESIGN culture shaping strategies; change & transformation management, or simply, 9DESIGN your new vision, mission & values.



Graduates in 2023 both individuals & corporates.

6,500+ Beneficiaries from 9DESIGN Awareness Program.


offline seminars, events, Webinars & Public Speeches.


convenient modes of learning, training & sustaining.


Ready to design your new reality and write your new story? Check out 9DESIGN featured content to help you start your journey.